Intelligent Furniture


Material: Lava(Volcano Stone), Voice Sensor, Beech, Magnet, Paper


This piece is my graduation design project, and it is known as Huoshan which means volcano in Chinese. The whole sets of furniture are made with Lava rock, including table, chair, cabinet, flower table and other accessories such as Voice Intelligent Lamp. 

The volcano rock furniture is to promote non-habitual thinking, and explore endless possibilities around us. There are huge amount of volcano rock reserve around the world, however, none of them were used in home furnishing except architectures. The rock is tough but light in weight, environment friendly but also with artistic touch. The usage of wood is to compensate the fragile quality of the volcano rock and improve furniture’s durability.

The human interaction with the furniture is the theme of this project. Thus, I added voice recognition module in the lamp to respond to user commands. Technologies have endowed furniture with intelligence and made it to be a partner in our lives.


  • Voice sensor: Xiaoming is a Voice Intelligent lamp, as the term suggests, Xiaoming will respond to certain voice commands. First, user must wake up it by calling out Xiaoming’s name in order to avoid any misoperation. After hearing a beep sound, a user can start to give more commands such as “turn on, light up, dim down.” One can also give a command such as “stop” to keep the lamp from hearing more commands, then revive it by calling out its name again. The “turn off” command will set the lamp to sleep mode.

  • Magnetism: There is an unique way to open the drawer. There are magnets hidden behind lava rock and within the handle, and through their magnetic forces to open the drawer.